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Dianna’s Upcoming Projects


Here is a list of all of Dianna’s upcoming projects and their current status.

  1. Bare - Pre-Production, filming starts July 31st
  2. Headlock - Currently Filming
  3. A Conspiracy on Jekyl Island - Post-Prodcution, tentatively scheduled for release Fall 2014 (x)
  4. Tumbledown - Post-Production, scheduled for release in 2014 (x) 
  5. Zipper - Post-Production, no further information
  6. Pretenders - In-Development, filming is postponed for the time being
  7. Famous - Dianna has been attached to this movie for some time now and she was recently in contact with the writer of the movie so it’s possible the movie may start filming soon

(updated: 07-28-14)